Providing customized hair that elevates your inner confidence.

Stendhal hair salon in Ottawa is here to complete your look with a style that is as unique as you are.

Stendhal's Syndrome:

Encountering celestial sensations while being exposed to works of great beauty.
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About Us

Stendhal is a place of relaxation, creativity and inspiration – raising the bar for hair salon experience. We have a love of art in all forms, and believe that fashion and beauty complement each other. We look at hair as a canvas that is waiting to be transformed.

Our Team

At Stendhal, we believe education is necessary to perfect our craft and for growth. We are continuously learning from renowned hair stylists and traveling the world to learn from the best.

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605 Longfields Drive

Unit 10

Ottawa, Ontario

K2J 6T7



Phone: (613) 823-2219


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